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Dual XHD7714 Review

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PROS / This HD Radio comes ready to use Bluetooth.

CONS / Fewer tags allowed than less expensive car audio products.

 VERDICT / This is a good HD car stereo but a little pricy.

The Dual XHD7714 is the most expensive car audio product we reviewed. For being so expensive we were hoping there would be more features but there was nothing that we didn’t find in other HD Radios for less expense.

The HD Radio receiver features on this stereo are similar to what we found on the other car audio systems. It has a large number of available presets for both FM and AM stations. These presets can include multicasting stations as well. The iTunes tagging allows 50 songs, which is the standard number for most HD Radio receivers if they have tagging capabilities.

This product comes with Bluetooth ready to use. You do not need to purchase anything extra to make it functional. The car audio equipment supports A2DP streaming audio, hands free operation and caller ID. When a call comes in, it stops the music and rings over the speakers. To answer the call, just press the phone button. The built in microphone works well under most conditions. There is a port to plug in an external microphone if you want to make sure the other person can hear you.

The USB option for this HD Radio is convenient. The one difficulty is how the stereo determines the song order. Instead of playing the folders or songs in alphabetical order, it plays them in the order they are copied to the flash drive. It is frustrating to try and remember which files were copied in what order.

Similar to the other Dual car stereos, this HD Radio has similar button function. The difference between the stereos is the location of the screen. The buttons are smaller on this stereo because the screen is not behind the control panel. In order to insert a CD you have to flip down the faceplate. This could be a hassle while you’re driving. As for presetting stations and setting the clock for this car audio system, it’s simple. Setting the presets is as easy as holding down the desired preset number. The clock is comparable. It involves pressing the DISP, using the TUNE buttons to change the hours or minutes then pressing DISP again.

The display can’t be customized on this HD Radio. To toggle between the display options press DISP. This will cycle through the different preset options. For an iPod or flash drive this means you can see: artist and title, artist and album, elapsed time and clock or track and total track. You can’t see the clock and title or the track and title.

Dual provides FAQs, a telephone number and an online form. There is a limited warranty on the product for 12 months. The manual provided with this product is comprehensive and explains all the little details like how to set the clock and presets. The manual also gives instructions on how to install the radio in your car as well as wiring diagrams.


As car audio goes, the Dual XHD7714 has comprehensive features, including built in Bluetooth, but there isn’t anything that can’t be found elsewhere. The price tag is always a determining factor when purchasing any product so take it in to account when looking at this stereo.