Dual XHD6430 Review

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PROS / Car audio equipment with more than average iTunes tagging storage.

CONS / There are Bluetooth-specific buttons that are useless unless a Bluetooth module is installed.

VERDICT / There is nothing in this HD Radio that can’t be found elsewhere.

The Dual XHD6430 HD Radio is another decent car audio product. This car stereo is less expensive than the majority of car stereos we reviewed and has most of the standard features, including iTunes tagging, aux port, USB connectivity and Bluetooth options.

This HD Radio receiver has more iTunes storage than the typical HD car stereo. This unit can store up to 64 songs. Another feature of this HD Radio receiver is the seek option. This allows you to peruse only the HD Radio stations and not bother with the analog stations. Just keep in mind to use the TUNE buttons to seek through both types of stations.

Though there are Bluetooth options for this car audio system they are not available unless you purchase Dual’s Bluetooth module. This is an extra x amount of dollars on top of what you’ve already paid for the stereo itself. While Bluetooth functionality is handy, there are other products that have Bluetooth capabilities and come at a less expensive price. There are two buttons on the device that are Bluetooth specific. If you don’t have the Bluetooth module installed they waste space. It would have been nice if there were non-Bluetooth functions associated with the buttons as well.

This car audio equipment only has two RCA preamp output connections, front and rear/sub. While many people aren’t concerned about them, those who want a full sound may want to check out some of the other products that have three.

One of our complaints with this HD Radio is the button to remove the faceplate. Having a button that is easy to access is great, making the icon look like the CD eject button is not so great. There are differences between the two icons but having the CD eject button further away, therefore less accessible, seems like a bad plan. After purchasing the stereo it would be easy to forget which side the CD eject is on and accidentally pop off the faceplate instead of retrieving the disk.

As with the Dual car stereos, turning the power off and setting the presets and clock on this product is simple. The instructions in the manual are clear. But as with the other products, the display can’t be customized and only shows specific pairs of information like artist and title or program type and station name. It is simple enough to press DISP and cycle through but it does get tiresome. And, as we’ve seen on the other Dual products, the car plays the songs from the USB drive in the order they were copied, not in alphabetical order.

Dual provides FAQs, a telephone number and an online form. There is a limited warranty on the product for 12 months. The manual provided with the system is comprehensive and explains how to install the radio in your car including wiring diagrams.


The Dual XHD6430 car audio equipment is relatively inexpensive for all that it does. It might be worth looking into.